Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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16W Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Color: Black, Flag, Green, Gray, Colorful, Brown
Model: M17
Bluetooth: V4.2
Bluetooth distance: 10m
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Signal to noise ratio: 80dB
Audio input: AUX, USB, TF card, Bluetooth
Power: USB Charge
Output power: 5W*3=15W(2 tweeters(middle) + 1 subwoofer(left side) + 1 diaphragm(right side))
Output power(Peak): 16W
360 ° surround sound, sound quality without noise
Support wired microphone insertion, connect the microphone at any time to sing
Bluetooth 4.2, distance up to 10m, can be connected to mobile phones, tablet, computer or laptop
Built-in FM radio function, listen to popular music radio, easy operation
Battery capacity, 1500mAh, 6 hours of new love for continuous playback, endurance and strong
Package Included:
1 * Bluetooth Speaker
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual
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